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WordPress and other Content Management Systems (CMS)

My CMS Skills

Icons for various content management systems

I've worked in all the major Content Management Systems (CMS) for general website development, as well as specialized Learning Management Systems (LMS). As recently as 10 years ago, it made sense to "build from scratch." Now, with WordPress and other CMSes vastly improved, for many projects they are the best choice.

CMS Work

I'm highly experienced in working with the back-end, PHP/MySQL of WordPress sites to get the best front-end effect. I've created themes and plugins for various clients, and mapped visual UI to WP templates.

Crayon Collection

I worked with this nonprofit via Taproot. They had a static website dating from the mid-2000s which needed to be converted to a WordPress theme. On examining the site, I realized their information about their service (providing used crayons to schools) needed an overhaul. So, the first step was to design an information architecture which handled all the players in crayon distribution, and organize it for the Custom Post features of WordPress.

WordPress Information Architecture diagram for crayon collection

After validating the information architecture, I redesigned their menu system.

WordPress menu redesign, Information Architecture for crayon collection

Finally, I built out a custom theme which perfectly reproduced the original site's look and feel, which improving its organization and SEO. This required building a WP theme completely from scratch, and designing templates, partials, and custom code for post types.

custom wordpress theme, showing files, and resulting wireframe for crayon collection
Novy Unlimited

I've provided coding and maintenance for this GamePR site for several years, including plugins, theme coding, UI development and security.

For Novy clients, I've developed UX deliverables into WordPress templates. Here is an example for XPOTulsa, and e-sports convention. I created new wireframes, then reworked the existing (custom) XPOTulsa WordPress theme to match by HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP/MySQL coding.

xpo tulsa wireframes for revised wordpress theme

(Click for enlarged version)

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